Aqua-Techniek B.V.
Nijverheidsweg 15a
3225 LL Hellevoetsluis
The Netherlands


Our greatest asset is our knowledge that resulted in our established world-wide image and reputation. We have supplied our products to small, medium and especially large scale plants all over the world for purification of potable water, industrial water, sewage and waste water as well as for swimming-pool water and for other special applications. Upon request we will send you a list with the most impressive references on whatever field you might be interested.

Some historical Middle East projects:

  • Shuqaiq, 431 containerloads, including Aqua-cite®, Aqua-sand and Aqua-gravel
  • Rabigh, 1846 m3 Aqua-cite®
  • Al Jubail I + II, 700 m3 Aqua-cite® and 430 mt Aqua-garco = garnet
  • Jeddah I + II, 1175 m3 Aqua-cite®
  • Yanbu, 1961 m3 Aqua-cite®

Recent Middle East Projects:

  • 8 Satellite Projects, Saudi Arabia, 2980 m3 Aqua-cite®, ordered in June 2019, supply completed October 2019
  • Sohar, Oman, ordered and supplied in 2019, 1700 m3 Aqua-cite® and 1700 mt Aqua-garco = garnet
  • Al Jubail, ordered and supplied in May 2019, 706 m3 Aqua-cite®

Some other recent Projects:

  • Waterworks The Netherlands, ordered and supplied in 2019,  900 m3 Aqua-cite®
  • Turkey, ordered and supplied in 2019, 600 m3 Aqua-cite®
  • Kepong 2 WTP, Malaysia, ordered and supplied in 2019, 375 m3 Aqua-cite®