Aqua-Techniek B.V.
Nijverheidsweg 15a
3225 LL Hellevoetsluis
The Netherlands

About Aqua-Techniek B.V. 

After more than 42 years it is obvious that the business formula Aqua-Techniek choose right from the beginning has been the right one in all respects:

  • We don’t make a compromise when it comes to quality of our products since millions of people are consuming water treated by the Aqua products.
  • We are chemical engineers and as such very capable to understand the need of our clients and to design the optimum filterbed concept for whatever type of raw water.
  • Strictly we are not selling filtermedia, but solutions. Our design is the best guarantee for perfect water quality, attractive running times between 2 backwashings, minimum of maintenance, satisfied customers, all this while the price level applied by Aqua-Techniek is very disciplined.
  • We prefer customers are presenting their most complicated filtration items to us after which we will provide a physical/chemical advice free of charge since it is our main interest to help to avoid major design mistakes.
  • Unlike many others Aqua-Techniek has a very comfort position enabling her to advise the best product out of the range of 12, after listening to customers preferences and studying the raw water analysis and the local situation of the respective plant, no matter which type of project is concerned.


All Aqua-Techniek brands have been selected from the best sources and because they have very special properties, i.e. ranging from low to high density, from inert to chemical reactive, from porous to non-porous and from top quality high value to low costs products.

For any type of raw water we are able to offer the most appropriate product. A combination of more than one Aqua product, where each of them is doing a different removal job, may lead to results which are even overexceeding customer’s expectations.

Know How

When we are challenged to design the optimum filterbed for whatever project we do have the know how to select the right filterbed composition, the right grain size depending on type, concentration and micron size of the respective pollution, the right bed height to achieve attractive filter runs, we will predict the result to be expected and we will advise our customers regarding the most effective backwash method.