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Aqua-volcano / Pumice

Aqua-volcano is a porous, lightweight filter medium of volcanic origin. Its rough surface makes it very well suitable for filtration of all kinds of water carrying suspended solids. Filterruns between 2 backwashings are up to 10 times longer in a dual media or three media filter, compared with single layer sand filters, while there is an improvement of the water quality as well. Besides, there are enormous savings of backwash water.



  • for removal of suspended solids,
  • of surface- and well-water,
  • of coagulated water,
  • to protect Activated Carbon Filters, Ion-Exchangers and Reverse Osmosis Membranes against impurities,
  • of swimming-pool water,
  • of condensate,
  • of waste water,
  • of mill scale-laden (recycle) water.

Chemical analysis

EN 12906
SiO2mass-%6055 - 75
Al2O3mass-%2310 - 25
Fe2O3mass-%2< 2
CaOmass-%2< 2
K2Omass-%3< 10
Na2Omass-%6< 10

Physical characteristics

EN 12906
Densityg/cm32.4> 2.3
Bulk densitykg/m3320300 - 650
Acid solubilitymass-%< 2< 5
Shape Porous, smooth surface, irregular to round
Sizes available 1.5 - 2.5 mm and 2.3 - 3.4 mm. Other sizes to all international standards upon request.


  • 50 L poly- or paper bags, palletised, wrapped.
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