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Aqua-semidol / Dolomite

Aqua-semidol is a high-quality product that is produced from pure dolomite. By a specific thermal decomposition reaction half the CO2, which in dolomite is contained in the magnesium constituent, is released.

CaC03 * MgC03 -> CaCO3 * Mg0 + C02


Aqua-semidol is commonly used for filtration and processing drinking water. It de-acidises water by binding carbondioxide and adding calcium and magnesium to the water. Moreover, it is used as a carrier of reagents in desulphurisation of waste gases.

Chemical analysis

EN 1017
Type 1
MgOmass-%23 - 28> 23
CaCO2mass-%72 - 77> 68
CaO freemass-%< 1< 2
SiO2mass-%0.01< 2
Al2O3mass-%0.02< 2
Fe2O3mass-%0.05< 2
SO4+mass-%0.03< 1

Trace elements

Arsenic (As)mg/kg< 1< 3
Cadmium (Cd)mg/kg< 0.1< 2
Chromium (Cr)mg/kg1.8< 10
Mercury (Hg)mg/kg< 0.1< 0.5
Nickel (Ni)mg/kg< 0.5< 10
Lead (Pb)mg/kg2.7< 15
Antimony (Sb)mg/kg< 2< 3
Selenium (Se)mg/kg< 5< 5

Physical characteristics

Bulk densitykg/m3110011301140
Colour white
Shape homogenous, porous, with rough surface free of fissures


  • 25 kg plastic bags, palletised covered by plastic foil, 1 mt per pallet.
  • Bulk-carriers.
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