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Aqua-cite® / Anthracite

according to EN 12909
QMS-No. GBT11111


Aqua-cite® is selected, natural, hard, clean anthracite and is used in single-layer or in dual media filters for the purification of all kinds of water including potable, waste, process and swimming-pool water.



  • for removal of suspended solids,
  • of surface- and well-water,
  • of coagulated water,
  • to protect Activated Carbon Filters, Ion-exchangers and Reverse Osmosis Membranes,
  • of swimming-pool water,
  • of condensate. Important: Aqua-cite will not release any SiO2 to the water.
  • of waste water,
  • of mill scale-laden (recycle) water

Chemical analysis

EN 12909
Carbon (water and ash free)mass-%92> 90
Volitale mattermass-%6,8< 10
Mineral mattermass-%< 4< 7
Watermass-%< 1-

Physical characteristics

EN 12909
Densityg/cm31.41.35 - 1.6
Bulk densitykg/m3680650 - 800
Acid solubilitymass-%0.8-
Shapeangular to spherical, irregular surface
Sizes availableSizes to all international standards upon request. We produce special sizes perfectly meeting customer’s specification as to the effective size and uniformity coefficient.


  • 25 L PE-bags, palletised and shrink-foiled,
  • Big bags,
  • Bulk-carriers.
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