Inert filtermedia for filtration of suspended solids
    Filtermedia for deacidification, pH increase, remineralistation
    Organic filtermedia for adsorption
    Inorganic filtermedia for ionexchange and adsorption
    Filtermedia for catalyc iron-and manganese removal
    Seeding material for crystallisation softening proces

Inert filtermedia for filtration of suspended solids

Aqua-cite® / Anthracite
Aqua-cite® is selected, natural, hard, clean anthracite and is used in single-layer or in dual media filters for the purification of all kinds of water including potable, waste, process and swimming-pool water. More technical details >>

Aqua-sand / Silica sand, Filtersand
Aqua-sand is a 100 % natural silica sand, through an elaborate refining process, together with constant quality control, elevated to a top quality media - free of clay, dust, organic matter or any other contamination, thus meeting all international standards. More technical details >>

 Aqua-gravel / Coarse silica sand, Support layer
Aqua-gravel is from the same source as Aqua-sand but represents the coarse sizes of this silica product. Commonly two or three layers of Aqua-gravel of different sizes are filled in under the Aqua-sand to prevent losses of fine media through the nozzle-system and to evenly distribute backwash media water and/or air. More technical details >>

Aqua-garco / Coarse garnet, Almandite
Aqua-garco is a naturally occurring mineral with uniform physical, chemical, hardness and microstructure characteristics, which provide the essential properties for a wide variety of industrial uses. This iron-rich aluminosilicate, known as almandite, has the formula: Fe3Al2(SiO4)3. Texturally and compositionally uniform in all sizes. All material mined from the same high-grade deposit. More technical details >>

Aqua-volcano / Pumice
Aqua-volcano is a porous, lightweight filter medium of volcanic origin. Its rough surface makes it very well suitable for filtration of all kinds of water carrying suspended solids. More technical details >>

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