Inert filtermedia for filtration of suspended solids
    Filtermedia for deacidification, pH increase, remineralistation
    Organic filtermedia for adsorption
    Inorganic filtermedia for ionexchange and adsorption
    Filtermedia for catalyc iron-and manganese removal
    Seeding material for crystallisation softening proces

Filtermedia for deacidification, pH increase, remineralistation

Aqua-juraperle TWA / Limestone, Calcium carbonate, Marble
Aqua-juraperle is a granular filter medium with a purity of 99.1 % calcium carbonate. Because of its microcrystalline structure, it is superior to ordinary limestone. Aqua-juraperle JW keeps its activity for pH-adjustment even after removal of high concentrations of iron and manganese. More technical details >>

Aqua-semidol / Dolomite
Aqua-semidol is a high-quality product that is produced from pure dolomite. By a specific thermal decomposition reaction half the CO2, which in dolomite is contained in the magnesium constituent, is released. More technical details >>


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